Locations and Masters School

List of our Partner Universities

Once you have been accepted into one of the study programmes below at our partner universities, you can apply for the EIT Climate-KIC Master School.

Masters programmes in Italy

University of Bologna

  • MSc ICT for Climate
  • MSc Environmental Assessment and Management
  • MSc Low Carbon Technologies and Sustainable Chemistry
  • MSc Climate Change Adaptation – Civil Engineering
  • MSc Climate Change Adaptation – Environmental Engineering

Masters programmes in the Nordics

Danish Technical University

  • MSc Engineering, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
  • MSc Engineering in Biotechnology
  • MSc Engineering, Physics and Nanotechnology
  • MSc Engineering, Aquatic Science and Technology
  • MSc Engineering in Wind Energy
  • MSc Engineering in Sustainable Energy
  • MSc Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Design and Innovation

University of Copenhagen

  • MSc Climate Change

Aalto University

  • MSc Creative Sustainability (business school)
  • MSc Fibre and Polymer Engineering

Masters programmes in France

Sorbonne University

  • MSc Universe, Environment, Ecology (SDUEE)

Masters programmes in the Netherlands

Delft Technical University

  • MSc Industrial Ecology (IE)
  • MSc Strategic Product Design (SPD)
  • MSc Sustainable Energy Technology (SET)
  • MSc Construction Management and Engineering (CME)
  • MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building sciences

Utrecht University

  • MSc Energy Science
  • MSc Science & Business Management
  • MSc Innovation Sciences
  • MSc Sustainable Development
  • MSc Sustainable Business & Innovation
  • MSc Bio Inspired Innovation

Wageningen University

  • MSc Biotechnology (MBT)
  • MSc Climate Studies (MCL)
  • MSc Environmental Sciences (MES)
  • MSc International Land and Water Management (MIL)
  • MSc Urban Environmental Management (MUE)

Masters programmes in Switzerland

ETH Zürich

  • MSc Management, Technology and Economics
  • MSc Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Integrated Building Systems
  • MSc Energy Science and Technology
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Micro and Nanosystems
  • MSc Process Engineering
  • MSc Robotics, Systems and Control

Application Information

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