Delft Technical University

TU Delft’s mission is to make a significant contribution to a sustainable society by conducting groundbreaking scientific and technological research – acknowledged as world class. The TU Delft Institutes -headed by internationally renowned scientists- are active in the following domains: Climate, Process Technology, Robotics, Transport, Safety & Security (DSys), Space, Sports Engineering, Wind Energy (DUWIND), Computational Science and Engineering.

TU Delft has also established its Valorization Centre, which stimulates and facilitates knowledge valorization, providing the necessary support (e.g. R&D subsidies, project management, business development, IP protection) for TU Delft scientists and support staff.

Programmes at TU Delft eligible for the EIT Climate-KIC Master School include:

  • MSc Industrial Ecology (IE)
  • MSc Strategic Product Design (SPD)
  • MSc Sustainable Energy Technology (SET)
  • MSc Construction Management and Engineering (CME)
  • MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building sciences